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Hurricanes. Weather. Climate. Environment. Sustainable Living. Space Weather. Outdoors.

.....Fans of The Weather Channel.....

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Welcome! This is the place to talk about the The Weather Channel, its sister stations and websites, shows such as Storm Stories, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, space weather, climate science, the environment, weather forecasting, on-camera meteorologists and more!


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This community was started by some Weather Channel fans a few years ago who wanted to see a TWC-related community that wasn't just only about the personalities, but also with strong focus on the science of weather and climate, and included serious articles, real debates, weather and climate news, political implications, new discoveries and methods, etc. cieldumort moderates the community, but is generally pretty much hands-off as long as the posts are relatively on topic and the discourse is civil. Ciel is glad you stopped by and invites you to join, watch, contribute, lurk, smirk, whatever... but most of all, enjoy the community! :)

"If you are really into Weather..I mean Really Crazy about Weather..we have your LOCO on the 8s"
-Dave Schwartz (TWC Will Never Be The Same Without Him!)

"No place on earth
has better weather!"

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- The official start to the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season will be June 1st -
The 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season List of Names

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  • Bonnie (unused)
  • Colin (unused)
  • Danielle (unused)
  • Earl (unused)
  • Fiona (unused)
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About The Weather Channel:

"Launched in Atlanta in 1982, The Weather Channel has established itself as the nation’s leading weather information provider and an indispensable source for understanding and planning for weather. The Weather Channel hosts a staff of more than 120 expert meteorologists in various specialties who use state-of-the-art systems to provide in-depth analysis and 24-hour tracking of international, national and local weather conditions. The Weather Channel reaches more than 85 million TV households in the U.S. Through The Weather Channel Interactive, the company delivers reliable weather information through the Internet (weather.com), mobile devices, and broadband services. The Weather Channel is owned by Landmark Communications, a privately held Norfolk, VA-based media company

The Weather Channel -- cable television's only national all-weather network -- understands and cares about the connection between weather and people's lives. Program formats vary to meet viewers' interests and needs at various times of the day with special programs for mornings, weekends, and during primetime. When weather becomes exceptionally severe or threatening, TWC covers the scene with on-location live reports and updates by experts. The Weather Channel also produces and airs original programs such as Storm Stories with eyewitness accounts, historic perspective, expert commentary, and compelling video relating to dramatic and memorable weather events."

The Weather Channel Press Room

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12/16/06 Clarification of community interests:
In December 2005 TWC updated their official Position Statement on Global Warming, taking a fair and pragmatic look at the timely and very weather-related subject. While still a "hot-button" topic, subject to accusations of political agenda and bias, the question as to whether or not global warming is in fact occurring is really no longer debatable. It has been this moderator's observation that The Weather Channel, taking an "all things weather" approach to its modern format, has become an exceptional source of following objective science on the subject, and that many, if not nearly all of TWC_A's Members find the issue of Global Warming of at least moderate importance. twc_aficionados will also welcome just about all kinds of Global Warming discussions, provided they are posted and discussed with all due consideration of one another, and are related to factual, and much preferably sourced, peer-reviewed material. While whether or not Anthropogenic Global Warming is occurring is scarcely in question now, looking forward, the results of this warming trend are not yet certain, but should be of extreme importance to all of us who care about the planet in which we live and will leave behind for our children, their children, and all other species to inhabit the earth.

Credits: Forecast Earth & Uninion of Concerned Scientists

Finally, twc_aficionados is not directly affiliated with The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Interactive, Landmark Communications, NBC Universal, or any of their subsidiaries, or partners. The opinions and stories expressed, told, or passed along in twc_aficionados do not necessarily reflect those of The Weather Channel, The Weather Channel Interactive, Landmark Communications, NBC Universal, their affiliates, partners, subsidiaries, and/or their employees. twc_aficionados is not intended to infringe upon any copyrighted material.
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